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Year 2000, when digitalisation became ubiquituous

Posted by on 3 Dicembre 2012 in Digital Agreement | 0 comments

I would make a clear difference of the impact of digitalisation, before and after ubiquitous connectivity (1). In fact in 2000 WiFi, ADSL  UMTS and Application Layer Firewalls (3) started to be commercialized, making within a few years computer interconnection the norm, whilst it was rather the exception before.

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Where are we heading to … ? (Part 2)

Posted by on 26 Novembre 2012 in Digital Agreement | 0 comments

No Country for Old men (…is anybody in charge here…?)

What are the implications of current social expenditure in OECD countries?

I have to admit, that the issue seems to me so obvious, that I still have the fear that possibly I totally misunderstood the numbers and the trends.

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Where are we heading to …? (Part 1: to be a saint or a fool ?)

Posted by on 21 Giugno 2012 in Digital Agreement | 0 comments

I was asked by my children, if the states are borrowing so much more then we (as family) do, that they cannot get credit. Instinctively I would have answered “yes”. But before answering, I put down a few numbers, just to be sure.

Here there are the numbers:
Western Europe has a GDP per head varying between 32.000 and 38.000 US $ at 2009 PPP (source: The World in figures 2012, by the Economist).

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Where do we come from … ?

Posted by on 10 Giugno 2012 in Digital Agreement | 0 comments

It is understandable that we consider “normal” what has been the norm for the last 150 years.

But if we look at the same things in a perspective of millennia, then normality may resemble to an exception.

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What will come next ?

Posted by on 31 Maggio 2012 in Digital Agreement | 0 comments

Christmas 1999 reading the millennium edition I had an Epiphany: in the Article “Road to Riches” some data of Angus Maddison where summarised in a graph, showing the increase of productivity of the West.

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