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Love ?

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What’s someone’s desperate determination to be the agent of someone else’s happiness?
Let’s go 4 it !

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Books are living tools, not just paper based Kindles

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It is becoming more and more evident, that books are (living) tools and not just supports for information. They are not just paper based Kindles. They end (or begin) an idea, a dream, a silence… the unspoken, the unremembered. More and more we will became aware that we love the book as a living object as much as its content. We want the book to be an object, witnessing an idea, a time devoted to it.
Even the blank page of a printed book, has its meaning …
Actually, the Poet was aware of it: the same year in which TCP-IP was defined and the term “Internet” coined (but the opening of the NSFNET to other networks began only in 1988…) Edmond Jabes wrote:
“Le fou d’écriture rêve d’être une ombre pour épouser l’eau. De cette union, naissent les livres.”
What is a “book”, if we open it and every day it we read something different in it. What is a “book”, in which we can choose what we want to read?
Is a portable library the same thing as many books?
Is the content of the books contained in a library equivalent to the sum of all its textes?
I think that it is obviously not so.
For more then a millennium, knowledge without books was considered impossible. Now we start to experience knowledge embedded and shared in several different ways.
Now, finally, we can even write without killing the unspoken… or share our untold dreams… but in this case, evidently, we do no write (in) a book … there are no (blank) pages left.
Finally we can write and draw (and dream) beyond the limited space of a blank page and beyond the constraints of the alphabet.

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Non sub homine, sed sub deo et lege” (H. de Bracton 1210-1268)

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