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EU Qualifed Trust Services: CA Compliance Info-Day (Berlin, November 4, 2014)

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Today in Berlin (Germany) CA Compliance Info-Day
eIDAS and Trust Service Provider Conformity Assessment
Organizer:        Bundesdruckerei, TÜVIT, ETSI STF 458
Date:     Tuesday, 04.11.2014 from 10:00 AM to 05:00 PM
Venue:         Bundesdruckerei, Berlin-Mitte, Conference Center, Kommandantenstraße 15 (new entrance)

EU Regulation 910/2014 aims at creating a single competitive market in Europe. A great opportunity for Europe, provided we will work all together in order to have a single common approach to Supervision of European Qualified Trust Service Providers.

Impelmenting Acts by the EU Commission and ETSI and CEN Standards are not per se sufficient for the success of a single market of Qualifed Trust Services.

Representatives of the EU Commission, of the legal team advising the Commission, EU Standard Organisations, European Accreditation, and several stakeholders are debating here today the future of Electronic Trust Services in Europe.


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Verba manent, scripta Volant #1: Digital Priests: the preservation of information for ever.

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What has changed with digitalization?

There are just three ontological (i.e. necessary, unavoidable) changes, affecting how we interact with data/information generated/managed through computers, in comparison to how we interact with analogic (i.e. paper based) registrations/inscriptions/documents.

The first two differences are immanent, even with stand alone computers.

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Documents, Inscriptions and Traces… the documental pyramid

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The best ontological definition of document, I was able to find is in “Documentality: Why It Is Necessary to Leave Traces (Commonalities)“, by Maurizio Ferraris, that is the translation of “Documentalità: perché é necessario lasciar tracce” by Maurizio Ferraris .

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Year 2000, when digitalisation became ubiquituous

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I would make a clear difference of the impact of digitalisation, before and after ubiquitous connectivity (1). In fact in 2000 WiFi, ADSL  UMTS and Application Layer Firewalls (3) started to be commercialized, making within a few years computer interconnection the norm, whilst it was rather the exception before.

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